Thursday, September 22, 2011

My perfumes the beginning

My perfumes (from the beginning The early scents)
I have created quite a few perfumes I will be displaying and talking about them in this blog. because of shortness of time due to my surgey anmd recover i started out by posting some nice stuff I like from other blogs and sites i follow and like.
Many perfumes I created first about 2 years back I found they did not smell nice, well not like some thing one would wear as a perfume.Then I decided one day to b a bit more creative,these same fragrances, some I thought smelt like medicine,
(test 5 This was the name it was given as it was the 5 perfume I done: with franckincense, cedarwood, peppermint, coriander and more)I started working on them adding other oils, smelling as I went along, (I smell a lot and so do you)as these turn out to be wonders I got inspired to create more wonders, making the nose, the heart and my friends very happy
(this is perfume test 2 another with no name but smells very nice, with sandalwood,gardenia, hyacinth, lily , jasmin, a dash of peppermint and more
Then we have perfume 7 and 9 both alcohol based,
Perfume 7 has, safron, oud, vanilla ,sandalwood and musk and more.They had been left aside for a long time and I only repulled them out recently and found how nice they smelt.
Soir de magie
One of my first perfumes once called perfume 4 then after liking it and a friend liking it she said give it a name to do with night so I thought soir de magie It contains sandalwood, lemon,tobacco flower, palmarosa, caraway, vetiver, jasmine sambac and more

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