Friday, September 23, 2011

The promised rose bouquet

(Sorry pics are a bit blurry)
One of my favourite perfumes that I recentltly created is one I called the promised rose bouquet.By the name I am sure you can see it is full of roses and other flowers.Being a perfumer you need to be creative and of course it all comes form inspiration.I was at home one day and the thought of roses came to my mind and I thought, why not make a perfume with rose as the main note,a floral bouquet full of flowers.So I set out creating the promised rose bouquet.
The initial notes are Tuberose,rose de mai,tea rose, jasmin Sambac, jasmin, musk sandalwood and oud and many others. After my recent holiday in June to Mauritius, I travelled via Mumbai and I made the most of the stopover in mumbai to stock up on some of the attars that I needed so I was able to stock up on rose.They have a type of rose called Ghulab ( white rose), and I got some more tea rose from there too. So now I can create variations of my promised rose bouquet. I have made it into oil and alcohol based
It smells absolutely brilliant

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