Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I want one like this to make my own essential oils

Alkindus Distiller

The Father of the Perfume Industry

Ibn Yusuf Al Kindi (Alkindus)
Another major figure in Islam's Golden Age involving chemistry was Ibn Yusuf Al Kindi, who lived in the ninth century and is often Latinized as Alkindus. He was a promoter of Chemistry yet unlike many scholars of the early Golden Islamic Age, he was an opponent of alchemy. He was considered revolutionary in his time for proving that regular base metals could not produce precious metals like gold and silver.

He wrote volumes against the concept of medieval alchemy called: Warning against the Deceptions of the Alchemistsand Refutation of the Claim of Those Who Claim the Artificial Fabrication of Gold and Silver. Alkindus's work was more applied then Geber and Rhazes, though still using their findings to his benefit. Geber had concluded that boiling wine produces a flammable vapor, that is, ethanol alcohol. Using this information, Alkindus wrote out a procedure to extract pure distilled alcohol from distilling wine. Alkindus worked mainly in the area of perfumes and scents.

He would work to combine plants with other natural substances to produce scents. He had his own laboratory where his assistance would write down the instructions to produce a particular scent. Alkindus also wrote books on his works, and one was Kitab Kimiya' al-'Itr, or Book of Chemistry of Perfumes.For his works with fragrances, he is called the Father of the Perfume industry. Alkindus, being an advocator of applied sciences, used his knowledge to create perfumes but found
other uses for herbs. He figured out substitutions for expensive ingredients in medicines and produced new medications too. However, even though Alkindus contributed a grand amount to chemistry, he is remembered more for his preservation of works of other intellectuals of the time. He is often called the 'Arab Philosopher' for being an affluent polymath.

Friday, October 14, 2011


C'est Irresistible, this new fragrance is very feminin and sensual, that is why it was called Irresistible, the smell is irresistible.It is an oriental fruity floral fragrance Based on my previous perfume
3 times a lady
but with many variation this perfume has a base of sandalwood, white musk,amber,saffran and middle notes of organic raspberry,carnation, papaya that brings in the fruitiness without making it smell like a fruit cocktail on the skin, and then the top notes are
bergamot,apple,geranium,white rose that give it this floral smell. it is so irresistable.
Pictures coming soon.

Arabian Princess to be crowned Queen

In the 80's Billy ocean released a song called carribean queen which was a hit, he went on to do African queen, and Eurpopean queen.One thing he missed out was Arabian Queen.he left that one for me.

Let me introduce to you Arabian princess maturing to be the Arabian queen of my house of perfume.Arabian princess to be crowned queen is an oriental floral perfume made up of the best that represent middle eastern scents.She is so elegantly composed of a base of Sandalwood, musk, oud, henna and mimosa
then in the middle Kewra zafran and rose, the finally her top notes are jasmin,full (jasmine sambac)and mashmoom.

Most are these sents are favourites of the arabian princesses who wear them, all put together to make up these queen.Well known perfumere Gianfranco Feere said
A fragrance always combines femininity and sensuality.
That is exactly what came to mind when making Arabian Princess.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I love this, Jealousy and flirtation
A study in body language: Haynes King's Jealousy and Flirtation

The caption is
Jealousy and Flirtation
depicts a woman jealous of the attention given to another woman by a man.
I probably just found a name for a new perfume

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Empty perfume bottles

These are some of the empty bottles I use with my perfumes, I am working on having a few signature bottles, I may need to travel abroad and go and see for myself first, then order online..
But first here are a few I bought online and in shops here in Qatar
The above is one set here is another.
There are these also

Just some of my collection of essential oils.

This is just some of my collection of essential oils, As a perfumer i don't have an organ yet to display all my hundreds of bottles of oils but that will come.
As I mentioned these are just a few of my oils I have drawers full of them.Once I am able to get myself an organ I will post the pics.Due to a lack of space I don't have an organ yet.
For those who do not know what a perfumer's organ looks like her is one from the internet, the fisrt one is an empty one
This one is full in france, perfume town itself Grasse.

I only wish I could reach this level, But for now I am content with my hundreds or so different essential oilsin the drawers until i can sort out the space problem. here is another beautiful organ belonging to a perfumer, I saw this on the net it is lovely