Friday, October 14, 2011

Arabian Princess to be crowned Queen

In the 80's Billy ocean released a song called carribean queen which was a hit, he went on to do African queen, and Eurpopean queen.One thing he missed out was Arabian Queen.he left that one for me.

Let me introduce to you Arabian princess maturing to be the Arabian queen of my house of perfume.Arabian princess to be crowned queen is an oriental floral perfume made up of the best that represent middle eastern scents.She is so elegantly composed of a base of Sandalwood, musk, oud, henna and mimosa
then in the middle Kewra zafran and rose, the finally her top notes are jasmin,full (jasmine sambac)and mashmoom.

Most are these sents are favourites of the arabian princesses who wear them, all put together to make up these queen.Well known perfumere Gianfranco Feere said
A fragrance always combines femininity and sensuality.
That is exactly what came to mind when making Arabian Princess.

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