Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just some of my collection of essential oils.

This is just some of my collection of essential oils, As a perfumer i don't have an organ yet to display all my hundreds of bottles of oils but that will come.
As I mentioned these are just a few of my oils I have drawers full of them.Once I am able to get myself an organ I will post the pics.Due to a lack of space I don't have an organ yet.
For those who do not know what a perfumer's organ looks like her is one from the internet, the fisrt one is an empty one
This one is full in france, perfume town itself Grasse.

I only wish I could reach this level, But for now I am content with my hundreds or so different essential oilsin the drawers until i can sort out the space problem. here is another beautiful organ belonging to a perfumer, I saw this on the net it is lovely

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