Friday, May 4, 2012

The soaps are here

The soaps are here, below are some of my soaps that I made.This is just a start , the sky is the limit.I will be posting more soaps and perfumes as we go along.The soaps are all hand made and natural and also contain natural additives like olive oil and honey and so on. I have over 450 styles and several hundred fragrances to choose from.All sorts of shapes and sizes. This is the apple basket, fragranced with red apples fragrance oil, smells great and looks so real too, but this is soap not for eating.
Now how do you fancy a ride in a soap car, the colour and fragrance you wish, this one is rose .
and the light blue car is oud fragrance. I can make the tires black and tainted windows too, I can make it the colour of your car
Some of these soaps you would want to bath with or wash with others are just so beautiful you would want to just give them as gifts or buy them for yourselves as decoration. Now this is the house that Jamal built, hand made and of all natural components
Strawberries anyone Strawberry fragranced soap,
This is strawberry fragrance and shape I can do many other fruits aswell, I have, apples, banana, pineapple, orange, lemon, melon, you can get a sliced water melon soap, sliced orange or lemon soap, non of this is for eating of course it is soap.What ever you want Layered soap, one layer a different colour and fragrance on another, this is green colour over red and transparent, the green is peach and the red melon fragrance
Now not finished with the layered soap you can have soap inside soap, inside this layered soap I put triangles of white soap, I can put your name if you wish, some one special's name, I can put the bride and grooms name if it is a wedding present, I can put small hearts inside hearts,this is oval shape I can do heart in heart, name in heart, heart or name in rectangle, oval circle.You name it, you choose your colour and fragrance. The next one is a oval rose fragrance soap, pink in colour and has rose petals inside:
There are loads more and loads more to come.

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